Upgrade management of professional real estate properties

MYRE gathers, monitors and analyzes properties’ data throughout their lifecycle. Legal data fuels financial analysis. MYRE offers an overview of each property with instant access to reliable data.

The Real Estate asset manager’s workplace

Financial management

Monitor assets activity

The asset review displays all the major KPI’s in order to monitor the properties and improve their performance. Aggregated analysis are available at a portfolio level with customized metrics. Cashflows are also customized for even more flexibility. Financing modelling makes the follow-up of covenants much easier. Business plans and scenarii show instant calculation of profitability.

Everyday management

Day-to-day assets steering

Any kind of property may be modelled down to suite level. A one-off data entry feeds calculation modules, break dates management and generates up-to-date tenancy schedules. Expenses budget, cashflows, financial KPI’s help monitor marketing more efficiently.

Legal management

Store safely all your documents

The dataroom evolves in line with the property’s features. All the filenames are created automatically and thus all you have to do is to upload the files at the right place. It is easy to manually customize the tree view and add, suppress, move or rename each chapter in line with your inhouse habits. The dataroom is easy to browse and you can readily view and download documents, follow any modifications and export it wholly or partially.

Collaborative management

Follow-up each stakeholder’s action on the platform

Every access is customized so as to secure data confidentiality. A news feed shows each action on the platform, and hence enables to communicate easily on modifications and run your asset in real time. Validation workflows give the users the opportunity to work on the data with complete confidence.

Technological reliability

Computing power and automated processes

MYRE is both a management and a reporting tool. Data are imported at one time and are then validated thus giving confidence to the users about data reliability. The algorithms were developed to calculate at once KPI’s, projections and all the key metrics both efficiently and accurately. Several tasks may thus be automated and help streamline processes.

Collaboration between teams targeting performance

Use cases

The solution to simplify the management of a rental portfolio

Asset manager at Northwood Investors International, Sophie Kramer explains the solutions MYRE brings everyday.

Use cases

The data reliability platform

Financial analyst at Cegereal, Anne-Marie Wu reveals the stakes of her profession and gives her feedback with MYRE.

Use cases

The fast and efficient data sharing tool

Property managers at CBRE, Caroline El-Khayer and Guillaume Herpin reveal how MYRE addresses the issues of their profession.

MYRE is fully committed to innovation to transform real estate

Case studies

The health crisis accelerated the asset management digitalization

How does the health crisis strengthen the need for transparency and the acceleration of the asset management digitalization? How does MYRE respond to this demand and allow a better data management?


The impact of collaborative and real-time data in crisis management

During this complicated and unprecedented period, real estate players no longer face risk management, but uncertainty management.


After the Covid-19 crisis, data will be more than ever key to real estate

The real estate expert Will Darbyshire gives an analysis of the impact that the Covid-19 crisis could have on the professional and commercial real estate.


+ 4,000,000m²

modelled in MYRE


+ 1,000

properties under management


+ 3,500

imported contracts


average 2,000

documents stored on each property

MYRE team is fully committed to support change management

Easy to use

MYRE is designed to be easy to set up and user-friendly. The properties data are accessible on all devices i.e. computer, tablets, smartphones. MYRE follows your journey.

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Efficient and secure

Data security is second to none in MYRE’s development. Its conception was designed around confidentiality and the higher security standards to grant the best service up to major challenges.

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Tailor-made assistance

Our team is committed to make the data transfer from existing tools easy and train your associates to the MYRE experience. Design thinking sessions and customed workshops contribute to make the change management flow.

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Agile development

Our agile team is able to keep track on many developments at the same time and change development priorities in line with our users’ most significant needs. New features are constantly developed, adapted and improved.


Saas technology

Choosing a software as a service “SaaS” goes hand in hand with an ever-evolving technological solution without additional cost. Data availability, reliability, and security in the cloud are guaranteed.


Innovation culture

The R&D program on topics such as blockchain or OCR keeps our team at the forefront of innovation striving to provide technological solutions with high added value.

Implementation is quick, easy and supported by our team step by step

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